Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Flash Sale!

What a summer this has been! I have been working hard creating new awesome products for my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I have to say, I have been so excited to see so many graphic artists making clipart to sell on TpT. There are so many creative juices going on, it's so hard not to spend tons of money on clipart and fonts! Who are some of your favorite clipart artists? Since the summer is flying by, I thought I would have a flash sale! I have been adding lots of new products. Everything will be 20% off from midnight Wednesday morning to midnight Thursday morning. Don't pass this up! This will be the last sale I have until the big TpT back to school sale.
Please visit my store to see what I have available! My biggest seller are my Class Book Template packs. If you haven't purchased any of them yet, you can get the whole year right HERE.
Just click on my Teachers Pay Teachers store tab on the right side of the page!


augmenterapp said...

Hi ,

I happened to chance upon your blog and found it very interesting!

We have recently launched a science app that uses augmented reality to enhance classroom teaching. The app has 3D models for kindergarten to grade 12. I thought you might want to check it out and may be review it on your blog, if possible.

It is a paid app(with a few models free) but in case you are interested in trying it out I will be happy to provide you with a free copy.

The link to the app is: 



You can also search for the app on the app store as 'Augmenter'.

Do let me know if you would be interested. I am really Looking forward to your response.

happy teaching!


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