Monday, May 7, 2012

Everybody Walk the Dinosaur......

I was listening to my new favorite app, Spotify and happened upon an 80's playlist. Well on came "Everybody Walk the Dinosaur". How perfect that song describes my week!We are counting down. We are now 12 school days away from summer break! This is also our field trip week, so we are busy cramming as many fun activities into the week as we can.

I am super excited for this time of year! It is an annual tradition for first grade to visit the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman (GO SOONERS!!!!).

Here is a video detailing the highlights of the museum. Take a look if you have a moment. This museum is AMAZING and I look forward to going every year.

So with our museum field trip a matter of days away, we have started our dinosaur unit. We started out by reading the cutest book called, "I Wish I Had a Dinosaur". It's about a little girl that imagines all of the wonderful things she could do if she had a dinosaur. I got lots of giggles out of my kiddos on this book. After we finished reading, I had them do a writing activity. The book was a springboard to get them thinking....what if I had a dinosaur pet? So they completed the writing prompt, "I Wish I had a dinosaur....". Their ideas were very creative.

For our literacy centers, I took a great idea from another blog, Life in First Grade. She took dip and chip trays and created a "Roll and Write" Literacy Center. This center requires the students to recall story elements from different books. All of mine are dinosaur themed this week, and vary on level. My trays only had 4 sections instead of 6, so I had to double up a couple of questions. I found the trays at Wal-Mart for $1. I used her free printables for the questions and the response page. You can download the packet free on her blog!

For the writing center, we are making sticker stories using dinosaur stickers. I have to limit them to 3, because otherwise my boys would have 20 or more on theirs! Ha Ha. 
Since we rotate centers 2-3 times a day, each student goes to the center more than once a week. That means I have to have plenty of activities available to choose from to keep them busy. I also have some dinosaur puzzles, stamps, and dinosaur bone sets that they actually put back together!

I hope this week is as fun for my students as I want it to be.   I am putting together some of the activities that I am doing with my students as an activity packet, and will post it in a few days. It will have the sticker page templates as well as the writing prompt activity and a dinosaur book list.

Well, the Hubby is headed home from work and I'm hungry, so off I go to cook dinner. I hope everyone has a great night!


Leslie Ann said...

Love those trays girl! :)

Sallie Neal said...

Thank you for the idea Leslie!!!

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