Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Freebie and a SNEAK PEEK!

The restlessness has set in. You know what I'm talking about. That feeling that you get where you THINK you should be doing something, and something work-related, NOT housework. You're almost in a panic, looking at the clock thinking....I would be doing my reading block right now, or we'd be having lunch.....yes, you and I have School Detachment Disorder!!!

I could find an excuse over the weekend- it was Memorial Day weekend. I counted it as a holiday and didn't let myself think about the fact that it's "summer vacation".

Today, well I've run out of excuses for myself. I ran errands this morning, thinking that would get rid of this feeling- I switched our insurance to a new company (YAY no more USAA!!), mowed the front lawn and took one of my mini schnauzers to the groomer.....

Guess what? The feeling didn't go away. :(
Now I feel even more guilty that I'm not at work.
SOOOO, I sat down at the computer and thought- what could I do to pass the time!

Well, here you go- first is a freebie that you can download from my store on Teachers Pay Teachers: click the picture to go to my store:

I created three teacher quote posters. Thank you to Scrappin Doodles Fancy Dog Studios and Pink Lemonade Company for the awesome borders, frames and papers!

If you have a specific teacher quote that you would like to see on a poster, please let me know. I'll create a poster and add it to the current free download.

Now...a preview of coming attractions:
 I am making a HUGE Dolch Word Wall Pack- stay tuned for more information and a chance to WIN this awesome activity!


Lisa R. said...

Your word wall word of the day is great!! Thanks for the quote freebie. I love that quote!

Learning Is Something to Treasure

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